Ephemeral and a site-specific art piece
I joined the symbolic protest organized by a group of conservationists to protect the urban wetland. Thoughtless construction had completely dried the pond affecting varying environs.
When I stepped into the dried pond area, I noticed a tiny pool – the enduring voice of water. Then I dropped a clump of soil on the residual and photographed the ripples that took a wavy appearance revealing the anatomy of the floating lotus.
I call this ephemeral and a site-specific art piece – The waves taking different shapes are telling – you are part of a circular system. You are the wave and the particles.
I would work with space and not against it. Paying attention to detail and how water interacts with each other can lead actually lead to system theory and innovation in Pond-scape. A concept could flow around the movement of water and kiss of life that depicts the natural abundance.
We should all feel responsible for the fragility of our urban wetland. In times of societal crisis, it is necessary to really look at the essence of water, gain pure perceptions and organize to protect the degradation and encroachment of kamal pokhari, an urban wetland.

पुनर्निर्माणका नाममा पानी सुकाएपछिको कमलपोखरी। तस्बिर: नारायण महर्जन/सेतोपाटी