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Concept - MILAN RAI



These are some of my unrealized, postponed, rejected projects. 

These are the testament to my interesting failures and experiments 


New world symphony

The new world symphony re-imagines the everyday environment. I use the energy of everyday objects to dissolve the mystery and allow people to relate and respond from the sensory perspective rather than only intellectual one. This artful expression whirls around the densely woven web of the interconnected world and humans’ relationships with each other, objects […]


Vista intertwines art, technology and geometric designs involving multifarious imageries. The result is a kinetic installation that explores Time -based practices and mystifying processes of nature, consequently being heedful to Henri Bergson’s fundamental concept of “duration”. The “Vista” consists of two triangular glass structures positioned individually on the platform facing each other. Both structures contain […]

Artist meets the road

ARTIST MEETS THE ROAD This idea came to me from my art tour of cities, towns and villages around the world. This work evokes my feelings and observations along my path through life which has been an eye opening and fairy tale like. The road led me to the heart of many countries and linked […]


This  environmental artwork weaves traditional wisdom and creativity to preserve the land and inspires reverence for the lands we occupy. Affordable and Sustainable architectural design  and the use of local materials and resources is encouraged.  Truckloads of top soil will be transported to the landscape to form a sphere rising from the ground level. This […]

The tears

“Tearful is our world with all that we have done, Tearful is my eyes with all what I have seen.” The Tears is an installation piece that will consist of light weight wooden Kayak and sea water.If I land on the South Pole and meet the planets largest feature Antarctica the emotional response to the […]


Airlia : Re-imagining our daily environment, the project aims to integrate the installation in a large gallery space. The installation is composed of an aircraft measured approximately at the size of a twin otter combined with artistic arrangement of oars. Each oar stems from the oval window of the aircraft, in substitute of its wings. […]

Sitting beside a river

 “Sitting beside a River “is my personal response to the world around me. The work investigates inter-cultural dialogue, diaspora peoples, and cross-cultural interconnection. What drives my interest in creating this work is the mass migration of the British Gurkha ethnicity to UK. Consent of ILR (indefinite leave to remain in the UK) has become a […]