On September 19th, 2020,  we laid a foundation brick for the creation of urban parks - green spaces in Lalitpur city. The mayor, city officials,  various organizations, locals, the user’s committee, builder, and our team observed a ritual hosted at the construction site. Construction is right on schedule: Completion planned within 6 months

We worked through various fundamentals and procedures to undertake these projects to create a green (park) ecosystem. Team “VRIKSHA” worked relentlessly through research on green infrastructures, overall design, and planning to best meet the current and future challenges. Needless to mention the pressure and difficulties caused by the established system, we did our best to rise above the age-old inertia. In doing so, we are bringing change in ourselves to effect social change. Our vision combined with consistent effort has resulted in the construction of 4 parks. I call it “The city’s green necklace. The support from the mayor of Lalitpur, undeniably advanced this progress. That’s why we need GREEN THINKING Public officials and Politicians. Be careful who you vote for. 

We have so much to do to improve and grow as a society. Due to the lockdown, we could not engage fully with the community but we have tried our best to keep in touch with active community members. Throughout the project, I will interact with more people living in this area to promote networked, flexible, trust-based work, and a spirit of togetherness. The foundation is something where we put our hope, and faith to stand on. In this sense, it is important for a community to take its root. It is on these values we stand strong.

Furthermore, we are preparing for other projects with a wish to revitalize underused public lands into a well-planned network of green spaces. Through this project, we aim to re-wild the city with native plants and trees with a critical eye towards green redemption and biodiversity. We are flexible to work collaboratively and determined to re-organize working patterns and effective collaboration across divisions.