Creating network of green spaces  in Lalitpur city.  
Status : Ongoing 


The project rejuvenates the site previously occupied by a vegetable mart. The detrimental outcomes of urbanization have overstressed and interrupted the natural areas. Discontinuity or small patches makes it tough for pollinators as they need to return to their nest several times a day carrying pollen and nectar. Their chances of survival are difficult in the cities dominated by hardscape. Anthropocentric land use policy is unsustainable. Therefore,  ecological principles are of our top priorities in landscape design. This space would act as green transit, in which the plant and tree groupings function as a unity, with canopy awnings line down the street, bushy understory, meadow, and ground covers. Brick paving on certain areas permits percolation. Diverse trees will be planted on both sides  Exciting visual guidance and light and shadow effects evolve because of the open space and tree shapes. A sculptural form of a planting bed stoles and merge with the floor whilst its varied height creates ample soil depth for plantation.  Its edges allow informal seating. Flagstones on seating blend with the height, texture, rhythm, and vibrancy of the green elements. People will find themselves within the diversity of walkable, lovable, and equitable spaces for all.

The project hopes to attract residents, visitors, and soothe the city stress. A permanent art installation with functionality is integrated to enhance the site. Temporary and changing public arts, from lighting installations to sculptural elements will be realized over time. One can experience constancy and progression of art and performance that define self and group in the context of society and time. It is a stage on which people having a different purposiveness and tempo meet and mix.

This park continues through  the urban core and connects with another site where the big trees live.