At the heart of the city there lies a famous ground named (Khulla Manch ) erected to mark the
advent of democratic freedom. The general masses witnessed fiery speeches, short lived promises 
and large political mobilizations in this historical ground but the failing government, disharmony 
between political parties and disputes with their agendas left the public very frustrated with no
constitution in sight. This historic platform was neglected. The podium had a very dull, flaky wall 
with political posters sticking out. I wanted to break up the monotony. I saw the city an extended studio
with thousands of open square feet, buckets of paints strewn, splashes of color and multiple tools, 
a perfect urban workshop. My idea was to paint a rainbow on this open theatre to bring about a social 
message of transformation and harmony to general public and all the political leaders. I was inspired
by Nelson Mandela words in his inaugural address he said that his nation should become a Rainbow 

At first, I sought permission, however, it was not granted. I challenged the boundaries
represented by those in power and asked, what If I do it without any permission? They warned
I will be in trouble. on 13th November 2013 After a weeklong surveillance, on the 7th day Nov 2013, 
I sneaked into the ground with a bunch of volunteers. We began by washing off  all the political slogans 
and painted a rainbow. 


We had to accomplish the mission without being caught despite only working with mobile 
phone lights in the dark. With the first light of a new dawn I had accomplished my mission;
together. The love was holding a rainbow from both ends, that’s how its balanced in the wind.

I anticipated for the trouble but I witnessed something else. They employed the wall painters 
to repaint the dome without erasing a rainbow. They re-painted a rainbow making it more explicit. 
They did not dominate the dialogue; but they were now part of this dialogue and collective imagination
Our ex- Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattrai and his supporters were seen under a rainbow that
I painted. Over time we saw different political parties beneath the rainbow addressing their agendas
from this Podium. Every time when a large political gathering takes place on this ground I imagine 
everybody going to see art which reflects the society in which it was made. In that sense art is not a
separate product from the culture that produces but rather entwined. 

Sometime ago, the campaigners of Occupy Tudikhel invited me to share my experiences of
painting a rainbow in the dark. The event was held in the same podium accompanied by other
 campaigners, and political parties. One of the politician from congress party mentioned that, 
he dints knew the idea behind it but he liked the arrangement of colors and ordered to repaint it 
making it brighter. It made the vicinity vibrant - He added. An artist idea behind the rainbow and 
the politician who preserved it was revealed after years. We got introduced under the same rainbow. 
He said, he was inspired by the idea of using art to improve public spaces.  This news got published 
after in a leading online media after seven years of its making.