This installation entitled “BAT” evokes awareness of environmental issues through art and the appeal of the design. It not only criticizes but focuses on designing a solution. I chose a symbol of the bat because they are disappearing at an alarming rate in the city including other birds and insects. These crucial components of ecosystems are often overlooked. More than 1,300 species of bats around the world are playing ecological roles that are vital to the health of natural ecosystems.

A bat is sensitive to the damage caused to its natural environment. Like-wise, artists, activists are responsive to the cultural-political and social aspects of the world. We usually take in a very one-sided viewpoint of communities of organisms but there is a vibrant life other than the human world. Hence, through this work, I aim to increase our awareness of our relationship with other species and how everyday lifestyle choices affect this habitat we share. This work encourages us to do what we otherwise do not listen profoundly to the world around us and the inner, hidden spaces of the environment we inhabit.

This wall was dirty with filmy posters torn and hanging out. If I leave this wall painted, people will paste posters, write political slogans, and make it look dirty again. This structure will safeguard the wall while the vines and creepers grow and occupy merging with the structure over time. While the creepers keep growing other vines/ ferns can be planted on a flower pot and added on the structure.

The geometric shape of a bat is installed on another side of the bridge wall measuring approx. 70 ft wide. 
On the due course, the plants like and creepers and climbers ill overrun and occupy the structures.