My work spans across Situations, Interventions, Installation and eco – social art practice. I use everyday technology (mobile phone) for documenting and dispersing the happenings without digital manipulation whatsoever. Blogging evolved slowly as a means to collate and share my process based social practice.

My projects are at once universal and deeply personal. It’s sort of a meditative observation of social patterns from which I empathize and engage with viewers at different levels.  Whether interweaving connection, communities, re-thinking urban realms, my work embodies a sort of poetic sociology that invites people to reflect upon urgent conversations.

I am interested not only in what art is, but its empathies and ability to reach past prejudices and imp-art social progress.My creative praxis attends complex systems with necessary mediums and methods to address socio-ecological issues constantly in flux.

I take multidisciplinary approaches and work transversally encircling eco-social art practice informed by Felix Guattari’s ecosophy and action research.

I naturally bend towards design, simplicity, proportions and compositions. Hence, my installations, interventions are a nuanced introduction to my architectural fascination.  My magnetism with architecture rears the observation of ongoing practices.  How has these [urban space designs] affected public perceptions? Are those practices adequate to address socio-ecological concerns? I question, architectural engagement and disciplines in light of our current situations and call for ethical and renewed commitment to urban realms.

My creative stance to rethink conventional practices and challenge the traditional model has resulted into a P-art-nership with the city planners, policy makers, stakeholders and communities to preserve and revitalize the underused public lands into  parks and green spaces.

For a public project, like this, the materials are time, attitudes, political conditions, disappointments and differences to overcome. Balancing the stakeholders, negotiating differences among these actors in a complex cross-sectoral structure and harmonising links between disciplines itself is my art and architecture.

The fundamental dimension of my work is grounded in ecological restoration that connects people to natural systems. With a catalogue of inquiries, I explore art, science, and nature- culture relations to emphasize sustainable discourses and eco minded actions.  Through this public impact projects, I bid sensible and pragmatic solutions to alter our environmental trajectory and aesthetic dimensions of place; softly elucidating pathways towards symbiocene.

Though my work evades a single movement, style or form, there is an interconnecting link in my art makings. Some of my work can be ephemeral and some are ongoing and open-ended. I look for ways to insert poetry into ordinary objects and make them convey new meanings and challenge the perceptions that helps to learn about myself and the world around. In working fluidly, I maintain my interest to certain ideas that demands a gallery space