In the spring of 2013, Twelve hundred trees were marked to be cut down mercilessly for the road expansion. I made a statement on Facebook notifying that I will be placing white butterflies on to pay tribute to these trees. More and more people were inspired to join me, until hundreds joined the force, creating, what the young students called, “The White Butterfly Movement” that caught the public eye. Over time, they spread white butterflies, marched, and pledged to plant and distributed hundreds of saplings for people to plant on their own land.

This action continued to grow. As a result, the government officials eventually invited us to the table, allowing us to voice our concerns. After many campaigns and continual efforts, we were able to able to have meetings with the representatives of the Nepali government and the Chinese Embassy, who were sponsoring the road widening project. Through re-modification we saved 25% of the trees that were marked to be cut.