Milan Rai

Milan Rai is a conceptual artist who works across social situations, interventions, architecture, urban ecology, community-building, as well as local government.

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Eco Social Art Practice

Between the urban everyday politics and influences that control public spaces, I am democratizing the boundaries and creating green spaces with counter-narrative strategies. It is the genesis of my eco-social art practice and post-disciplinary investigations across landscape architecture, urban dynamics, and socio-ecological processes. This work shifts the general perception of art and moves towards an understanding of the cultural asset- something that lives and evolves. Instead of commodities, each park becomes a place with social meaning and transformative stories associated with it. These are the fields where art is integrated into daily life.

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My blogging evolved slowly as a means to collate my process based eco-social art practice.

Here, I share curatorial essays , stories , eco-sophies , ideas and things that are happening behind the scenes.

How Stupid Is Our Obsession with Turf Lawns? Monoculture that displace native ecosystems at a rate between 5,000 and 385,000 acres per day. They provide no benefits over the long term; no food, no clean water, no wildlife habitat, and no foundation for preserving our...

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Ephemeral and a site-specific art piece I joined the symbolic protest organized by a group of conservationists to protect the urban wetland. Thoughtless construction had completely dried the pond affecting varying environs. When I stepped into the dried pond area, I...

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  KAMAL POKHARI - LOTUS POND Conservationists are not pleased with the thoughtless interference in Kamal pokhari . Personally speaking, it’s not the wise use of wetlands. No one in their right conscience would do or allow something like that to happen. However,...

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