Milan Rai

Milan Rai is a conceptual artist who works across social situations, interventions, architecture, urban ecology, community-building, as well as local government.

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Eco Social Art Practice


My creative resistance to address environmental issues collided with unjust systems and caused disruption.  I encountered obstacles, systematic barriers and learned to reflect and respond to these problems mindfully. My artistic research and lived experiences helped my own understanding of relational aesthetics, eco-social art practice ,urban politics, power dynamics, social structures and lateral thinking to identify the challenges ,relevant methods and socio-material practises.

I arrived at these moment with a leap of faith. In this discovery- driven process, I gained perspective and developed zen habits to stay in flow / to be with the chaos in a relaxed way. These productive tensions, are opening up generative questions and appreciative inquiries for the urban future. Now I am manoeuvring new directions with reflection on where we are going now how we get there? and how far we are from “what ought to be.

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Green spaces 

Green Network

Network of Green spaces 


My blogging evolved slowly as a means to collate my process based eco-social art practice.

Here, I share curatorial essays , stories , eco-sophies , ideas and things that are happening behind the scenes.

Urban Ecology

Urban Ecology

Urban ecology We have a tendency to negatively judge the spontaneous vegetation plants that grow without human intent. Indeed, most of the plants that I chose are dismissed as unkempt weeds. I insisted and challenged society’s blind acceptance and cultural perception,...

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In search of native species and all the wild flowers

In search of native species and all the wild flowers

How Stupid Is Our Obsession with Turf Lawns!  The wide use of high maintenance turf lawns is harming the microorganisms with chemical fertilizers. This turf provides no habitats and makes it hard for many insects, bees, birds, butterflies to endure the urban hazard. I...

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Ephemeral and a site-specific art piece I joined the symbolic protest organized by a group of conservationists to protect the urban wetland. Thoughtless construction had completely dried the pond affecting varying environs. When I stepped into the dried pond area, I...

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