Status: Completed 

 A small plot across the street will be revamped through this project, a necklace of green spaces to improve connectivity and sightlines. This site was fenced and locked for a long time. Two soft mounds are laid after removing the iron bars and walls. Patterned brick paving’s between the mounds allows both the pedestrian walkways and the water to find their natural course.

The planting bed edged with low and mounting boundary walls is filled with a mix of low and taller perennials grasses and evergreen ground covers. Two trees planted in two mounds contrast and respond to each other in organic forms and colors. The bending curves with a custom curb enhance the periphery and provide places to sit for individuals and small groups. The passageway links to another path that marks the smooth transition of small green spaces in a tight urban site.

This site features Perennial grasses, herbs, and flowering 3  trees. 

Architect: Rohana Shakya


Site clearance: Breaking the Fence