The historical building of Pulchowk engineering campus located at the heart of Lalitpur is fascinating with a scenic fountain at its center.This historical building of Pulchowk engineering campus is not only fascinating with its significant beauty and a fountain at its centre but it also has lush greeneries with many old trees inside the campus   but the wall blocked the view of lush greenery for a long time. Occasionally, I walked into the campus and enjoyed taking strolls beneath the canopy. The shade, the wind, the rustle of the leaves, the sound of birds calling from the branches were all natural mood enhancers




One-day thought occurred, how wonderful it would be to unveil the concealed greeneries. I thought of installing a fence railing fence that allows the passers-by to enjoy the greeneries An idea for a large scale installation struck on my mind that could serve as a fence too. The very same day, I went to the city office and shared this with an aide to Mayor. He said it was ambitious and costly to cover the surrounding area of the campus. Though the installation wasn’t considered, the Mayor himself was determined to break the wall. He spoke to the Campus Chief. Since this campus produces architects and engineers, they did a design contest for this fence and announced the winner. But again due the complexity of this design they did not sent it to the Mayor. Later I received a message from   Sadar , Architectural student who had won the competition. He said another design has been forwarded to the Mayor.

I went to the metropolitan office to check that design.  I requested them to see other desings because it was too bulky. The next day I  introduced Sadar to the mayor. I said we will come up with other designs. We frequently met at café, campus, city office, and kept designing until we came up with 3 concepts. The simplest one got approved. Finally, “Break the wall” project has begun with a budget of seven million rupees.

Our affinity towards nature is genetic and deep-rooted in our evolution. This project acknowledges the sheer interconnection we have with nature and how it affects our general health and well-being. It can generate cognitive, and psychophysiological benefits to city dwellers. 


Thank you Mayor, for breaking the walls! And we shall break more walls .