Tafah -Loh ( Experimental Project) 

This land had been ill-handled, exploited for 40 years. The layers of social conflicts, age-old inertia, unresolved issues, power dynamics, urban politics, and vested interests robbed the social, economic, and ecological advancement. So this was one of the most disputed and politicized interventions. We could not hold community engagement due to covid 19pandemic, so we changed the methodology and kept the design flexible

The project kicked off but there occurred multiple work ethics problems and misconduct in construction materials. I could not compromise on my ethics so to protect our own integrity, I discontinued supervising this project. 

The neighborhood quality influence the perspective of my piece varying upon the place, context, and community conditions. Unresolved issues and hangovers of the past that are compounded over time have an overarching effect on social perceptions and behavioral dimensions. The mundane frustrations reflect on the choices, reasoning, and decision-making of some disordered neighborhoods. Moreover, the inertial characteristic of divided neighborhoods and negative influences and inequitable engagement recedes the community bonding. They seemingly don’t realize the collective effort and liaise with the meaningful work to be realized over time. It was disheartening to see some people with vested interests, and pettie politics hindering the shared vision.  

Though the construction work is going on with poor standards and inept abilities. I see it as an experiment. I am writing a descriptive history and processes behind this experimental project.