Green spaces 

Status : Near Completion

This parcel of land was a park made almost 15 years ago. It did not do well due to short term planning, many other public spaces have failed like this. The basic infrastructure is dented in the park; the locals don’t feel invited. We designed this space without the need for a vast infrastructure and minimum force construction.  The existing mature trees on site conceals the rectilinear concrete and unpleasant view. People prefer to sit beneath those trees with wide canopies.  Native grasses, perennials, play area, walk, relaxation, and observation are organized to meet the needs of older and younger people. We’re trying to create a place where people can share time and space and ideas and coexist in harmony with the other species. Abrupt developments within the urban zones alter the interspecific interactions and trophic exchanges. Species such as frog’s bees, dragonflies that keep the pockets of biodiversity in and around the cities are disappearing. This park provides a much-needed swathe of green for the public and supports biodiversity to some extent. The success of our cities will depend on how we design our public spaces and what kind of ecosystem service provided in it. We are working on urban transformation one park at a time with regenerative principles to bring nature close to the city.


Rewilding urban spaces.
The local grasses that we vegetated in one of our upcoming parks are growing and transforming the previously neglected public land. Soon I will spread wildflower seeds to attract pollinators and gush the richness of biodiversity in a wider sense.


Work in progress