I spend countless hours observing the site conditions and immerse myself in the atmospheric blending of light, shadow, forms, gusts, and acoustic surround. I marvel at the intricacies of grasses and the heaven-sent petrichor. Such contemplation or drifting informed my process of spatial transformation. During site observations, I noticed the skylights passing through the thicket of leaves, changing hues, and an evocative shadow upon the ground. Many iterations were necessary for the compositions as shadows vary with the material upon which it falls and subtly influences the surrounds. The silhouetted tree specimen dramatically reveals the place’s profundity and solicit our visual, sensorial engagement. The ethereal play of light and shade is not always oriented in the same way. These movements are exhilarated by winds, bird songs, rustles of leaves gusts, or raindrops. It orchestrates a range of tonal and textural variations, hues, and flows, offering a synesthesia-like experience. It can be experienced on the rock surfaces in the hour of the day, the season of the year, and so on. In essence, it brings the painterly concepts of chiaroscuro to the landscape.
As we are entering now a Post-Materialistic Age, we have become impatient due to the popular culture of instant gratification and grabs. We have shut down our certain senses and stillness of mind. The path in the parks leads towards a playscape and also invites you to the center of the seating area offering a restful atmosphere beneath the trees. As is often the case my work, is an invitation to the viewer to reflect on the relation between manmade and the natural as earnestly and as imaginatively as possible.
Design is not something how it looks, it’s how your mind and body feel in that space.